Products & Services

We provide products, installation assistance, servicing, and maintenance to our clients.


We design and deliver turn-key systems for a variety of applications. Due to our years of experience across a wide variety of industries we have helped hundreds of companies go from concept to full production. Based on our experience with each industry we can help a company quickly get a facility up and running. By knowing exactly what systems are required to store, process, and transport the necessary materials we are able to turn your available space into a full production facility.
This includes every stage of the process from the initial unloading of materials with movement to your material storage area. Some materials need to be properly removed from their shipping containers. From material storage our systems can be configured to ensure any proper dosing before the materials are conveying into a mixing or processing area. Finally our systems can move the processed material to a packaging or final storage area. All of our turn key solutions include all necessary control units that can be easily setup and configured to keep your bulk material processing system running year after year. With our years of experience we have setup facilities in the following industries, and are able to help you get any project off the ground almost immediately.


We could deliver minerals with our powder conveying equipment, also leaching agitator for the process.

Flue Gas Cleaning

We are able to set up systems to handle everything from the initial dosing and conveying of all necessary
bicarbonate, lime, powder activated carbon, sulfur, urea and fly ash necessary for flue gas cleaning systems..


Seawater Desalination

We have worked with several seawater desalination companies to setup systems for dosing and
conveying of lime and lime milk.


Sludge Treatment

We have designed several sludge treatment facilities that handle everything including the dosing and
conveying of PAM as well as conveying of sludge and sludge pellets.


Water and Wastewater Treatment

We have worked with a variety of water and wastewater treatment facilities to handle proper dosing
and conveying ammonium sulfate, lime, PAM, powder activated carbon, and urea as needed to
ensure proper and sanitary water treatment.


Other applications

Due to our experience across a wide variety of industries, we can help set up any dosing

system and systems designed to convey all kinds of chemicals. Our systems are available for
food, sanitary, and dairy grade to ensure compliance with all local laws and regulations.