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SK400 series dynamic mixer agitators can fulfill various industrial mixing needs; we provide solutions for mixing under various complicated conditions. This kind of agitator has top entry and side entry models. Motor power range from 0.37kw to 315kw.Mixing speed from 1RPM to 400RPM. Equipped with the special dry oil well leak-proof device and three-point support structure, SK400 series agitators have been proven good and reliable products

Features of Mid-Duty Agitator SK400

  • Long and trusted experience in all industrial segments.
  • Excellent performance.
  • Superior to the requirements of international ISO 9001 standards.
  • Suitable for most industrial applications.
  • Unique, patented, and superior design features minimize life-cycle costs.
  • Quick and easy installation, safe operation, simple maintenance, and service.
  • ISO Load design protects gearing from dynamic loads to extend gear life.
  • Parallel shaft, double-reduction/triple design provides maximum installation flexibility.
  • Carburized and ground helical gearing for quiet operation and extended gear life.
  • The integral dry well oil dam prevents lubricant from leaking down the agitator shaft. An integral mounting plate eliminates the need for an additional bolted plate.
  • It can be mounted on large threaded rods.
  • Standard C-face motor and pedestal mount reduce assembly time and guarantee motor availability.
  • Simple and Quick Parts-replacement
  • Simple Maintenance
  • Optional Sealing Components
  • Various Installation Structures
  • Right equipment for leaching agitation application


SK600 series vertical agitators are designed to provide reliable service in the largest, most demanding applications, from pharmaceutical fermentation and large-scale chemical processing to minerals processing and heavy sludge waste treatment.

SK600 agitators are mainly used in large and medium mixing tanks, occasions where high-strength mixing is required such as mixing for high internal material density, high solid content, high viscosity, and gas dispersal and etc.

Features of Vertical Agitator SK600

  • Reinforced bearings protect the gear train from severe shaft flexure.
  • Bearings are sized far beyond AGMA requirements for easy maintenance and long service life.
  • The heavy-duty motor mount is standard.
  • Power ranges from 25 to 1000 KW and speed varies from 10 to 245 RPM
  • Choice of replaceable cartridge seals.
  • Largest output shaft per allowable torque for greater bending design & longer shafts.
  • Case carburized & ground helical-bevel combination gearing for unmatched efficiency, quiet running & long life.
  • Rugged housing designed for easy assembly and maintenance.
  • Tapered roller bearings handle overhung shaft loads.
  • Triple reduction gearing has a robust AGMA service factor.
  • Available on larger units with power bigger than 1000 KW.
  • Right equipment for leaching agitator application


SK500 series reactor agitators are with high performance for extended lifetime, and reduced maintenance and operating costs. Types of agitators are used in reactors specially designed for the application of sealed vessel mixing.

Features of Reactor Agitator SK500

C-Face Flange Connection: Connections are self-aligning, flexible coupling.

  • Gearbox

SUNKAIER agitator configures the dry well oil leak-proof gearbox with hard surface gear, less maintenance, longer service life, and keeps clean for the working environment.

  • Lift and Swivel System

Quick seal replacement reduces costly downtime. The hydrogenator agitator is easy enough for one person to change the seal, even on the largest units. No disconnection of motor, or removal of gearbox.

  • Half-open Type Coupling

Coupling adopts special half openings, easy removal, and installation. This coupling is particularly applied to the damp and rust production environment.

  • Reinforced Bearing

The reinforced bearing could absorb running dynamic loads to protect the mechanical seal. The sleeve structure design is convenient for the removal and easy installation for the agitator shaft. A driving mechanism with reinforced bearing could exempt the bottom support structure.

  • Mechanical Seal

Single-end mechanical seal double-ends mechanical seal, and bearing mechanical seal are available. Wetted materials options can be austenitic stainless steel or duplex stainless steel. Please indicate if the customer needs special material. Depending on the operating environment, the mechanical seal can be equipped with the following accessories: hand pump, balancing tank, sealing liquid tank and etc.

  • Flange Installation

Flange configures bearing and auto-centering device, convenient for mixing parts removal and installation