Bulk Bag Fillers

For Effective and Efficient Filling



Hapman’s Bulk Bag Fillers will effectively and efficiently fill your bulk bags. With numerous options available, your Bulk Bag Fillers can be customized to meet all your needs.


• Consistently produces flat-bottomed, stackable bags every time.

• Increases production efficiency.  Bulk Bag Fillers are available for enhancements such as densification, deaeration, batch weighing and transport conveyors to ensure stable, easy-to-handle FIBCs.

• Two bulk bag filler designs engineered specifically for your system requirements. They may be fed directly from your equipment or one of Hapman’s three kinds of feed conveyors.

• Accurately fill IBCs with the optional tote or drum-filling adapter.

• A Batch weigh control systems is available.

• Stainless steel or carbon steel


Bulk Bag Fillers-NT Series

bulk bag filler inflator

  • Cost-efficient and simplified design
  • Cantilevered Heavy gauge steel tubing construction
  • Three-side access.
  • Fixed and adjustable height available
  • Handles unlimited bag sizes up to 1 ton of total weight
  • Slide bars for bag loops
  • Many options are available to customizing your application.


1. Improve stackability and safeguard operators with optional motorized height adjustment.

2. Fill bags more completely with the optional vibration table. Get precise results with optional load cells.

3. Maximize bag capacity, improve filled bag stackability with the optional bag pre-inflator and deaerator.

4. Optional hang weighing system fills bags more precisely and requires no recalibration when moved to different locations.

5. Increase productivity for continuous applications with optional roller conveyor.

6. Protect operator safety with optional traversing and quick-releasing rear hook assemblies.