Tubular Drag Conveyor

PosiPortion feeders with Gravimetric and Volumetric options


Our full line of gravimetric and volumetric screw feeders are engineered for industrial sized processing of dry materials. These include both continuous or batch operations. When your system needs a reliable feeding system we can help.

Measure with precision: Gravimetrically weigh and measure free-flowing and sluggish bulk solids, granules and powders.

  • Achieve superior volumetric performance: The PosiPortion™ feeder has an exclusive hopper design to maintain natural flow and keep the auger full.
  • Clean easily: The quick-coupled components permit fast, efficient cleaning.Maintain material quality: No degradation, segregation or agglomeration.
  • Get design versatility: Delivers discrete batches or operates continuously.
  • Ideal for silos and surge hoppers: The PosiPortion™ feeder is engineered for starting under full loads.


U-trough screw feeder

Economical and robust feeder

      • Handles a wide range of bulk material
      • Heavy duty design that will operate in harsh conditions and deliver material consistently regardless of material type
      • shoehorn into tight spaces with custom sizing
      • Multiple types of internal agitation available to maximize performance.




1. Optimize product flow. External paddle agitators reduce bridging, limit material contact surfaces, and reduce opportunity for contamination.

2. Increase feeder performance with integrated load cells and instrumentation. Provides immediate feedback that material was delivered.

3. Handle spreading and seasoning applications with optional elongated distribution nozzle.

4. Optional level sensors help workers keep hopper full and feed rate consistent.

5. Choose from many easy-to-change-out auger options—flat, square, or round (with or without a center core), continuously welded, polished or milled from solid bar stock.