bag compactors

Small Bag Compactors

Improve Air Quality, Dust Control and Housekeeping Standards

Hapman Bag Compactors are engineered to provide dust control and containment for your processes and dust protection for your employees (when integrated with Hapman Bag Dump Station or remote dust collection).

  • Minimizes clean ups during work shifts. Contain the dust while eliminating the time wasted in bag disposal/handling and the constant clean-ups which are usually required

  • Protects your employees. When you use a compactor in conjunction with a dust control / bag dump station your employees exposure to dangerous dust is minimized. And, the system has safety interlocks to provide further protection from operational injuries.

  • Simplified bag disposal. The bag compactor removable container holds a disposable plastic liner in which waste bags are accumulated for easy removal and handling.
  • Air operated. All controls on this unit are air logic operated, making it safe for explosion proof areas. Requires only 3 SCFM at 100 psi of compressed air to operate.


  • Space saving. Unit is available in a stand alone model or can be tied in with a Hapman bag dump / dust collector.


  • Engineered to fit your need. Units are available in painted carbon steel or stainless steel.